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We are MeatEater. Our focus on preparing and serving only the best beef meat. Even pork meat takes its place in forms of our very own and successful recipes. Behind the process of preparing meat is, as well as behind every other crafts, a lot of studies, training and unstoppable learning and improving skills. In our restaurant you will get the chance to try dishes awarded with high success in either European or worldwide competitions. The biggest credit goes to grill master and pit master, Daniele Govoni, who although presents himself very humbly by saying: “Well, I already cooked some steaks in my life.”

We respect the principle that meat should always be prepared on fire. During this process, it acquires an irreplaceable smoky touch. At the same time, we add a little apple or cherry wood chips to the charcoal, thanks to which the final taste of the meat becomes truly unique. The preparation always takes place in a special aluminum grill of the Monolith brand, which serves not only as a grill, but also as a smokehouse.

All meat in our offer comes from the best suppliers from Europe, America, Asia and Australia. You can choose a more modest, three-gram steak, but also a real two-kilo masterpiece.

We look forward to your visit.